Half-marathon Gorgany.Lviv 2015

I. Introduction

Cross-country half-marathon Gorgany.Lviv (Lviv marathon) – is a 21-mile race that is organized to:

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– Providing athletes and sports fans opportunities to improve their skills

II. Dates and places

  1. Start of the Gorgany.com Marathon will be:

April 26, 2015 at 10:00 near the Lviv Opera House, 28 Liberty Avenue.

flomax without prescription. 2. Finish of the competition will be at the Pogulyanka park in the a�?center of Children and Youth of Galiciaa�? (a��7 tram terminus), str. Vakhnianyna 29.

3. Length of the route of half-marathon is about 21 km. The main part of the race will run in green area (park Pogulyanka, Mayorivka and Vynnyky forest), part of the race will be run on the pavement and asphalt. There will be one round with a significant height difference. Most of the race will run on heavily forested terrain.

4. The route will be marked with white and red tape signal. purchase viagra pe, dietmar cieslik.

5. During the route (about 8, 14 and 18 km and at the finish) there are tables with non-carbonated mineral water.

III. Competition Program

Saturday, April 25, 2015

From 18.00 – “pasta -party”, registration of participants, distribution of start numbers.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

08:00 – 09:00 a�� registration, distribution of start numbers (at the start of Half-marathon on pr. Liberty 28)

10:00 – Start of Half-marathon; Start of 4 km race.

13:00 a�� race deadline

13:30 – Award ceremony (Finish)

IV. Conditions

1. Half-marathon is open for persons who are 18 years old by 26 April 2015.

2. During registration, participants are required to sign a statement that they are aware of the risks that may arise during participation in Half-marathon and that their health allows them to take part in it.

3. To participate in competition, you must provide a signed statement and / or medical certificate.

4. There is a time limit of the race – 3 hours. Changing of the race route is prohibited. Participants who dona��t complete their run to 13:00 obliged to stop running and to contact the organizers.

5. During Half-marathon, participants must follow instructions of persons acting on behalf of the organizer.

6. Do not use on any vehicles on the race route.

7. Wardrobe will be located near the start / finish line (things will be accepted for deposit only signed and packed in individual bags. Wardrobe and storage will be open April 26 from 08:00 to 14:00 h. Using of wardrobe will be organized according your start number. The organizers are not responsible for valuable things of participants.

8. Participants expressed their consent to use their personal data for the purposes of the event, and to use their photos for informational and promotional materials. Personal data in any case will not be used for any other purpose or transferred to third persons / organizations.

9. It will be prohibited to start for the participants who will be under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.

10. Organizer provides accident insurance for participants in case received participant application before 5 April 2015. Otherwise, the participants should have their own insurance policy.

11. Transfer your starting number to another person will result in disqualification of the competition.

12. During registration, the participant must have an identity card stating age, or a copy of it.

V. Application and payment for participation.

Preliminary enrollment for Halfmarathon (21 km) Gorgany.Lviv is availiable here http://ua.runstyle.com.ua/tournament_) by 5 April 2015.We are also waiting for your applications for 4km distance: Completed application should be printed after payment of entry fees. Printed application can be exchanged for starting number 25 April 2015 during the “Pasta- party” or April 26, 2015 at the start place of Halfmarathon from 8:00 to 9:00 am.

Application ensures participation in Halfmarathon and entitles you to lower registration fee.

Applications, additional registration of participants, distribution of start numbers will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2015 “Pasta- party” or at the start place of competition from 08:00 to 09:00 on Sunday April 26, 2015. cialis 5mg bula.

The application is considered to be completed after enrollment and payment of registration fee.

The registration fee is 100 UAH per person until 22 March inclusive. If you pay after 22 March before 5 April – 150 UAH per person; Saturday, April 25 at the day of the race fee will be 200 UAH per person. Pre-registration will be taken by April 5.

For the participants of 60 years and older preferential registration fee is 50 UAH, payment should be provided before April 5.

The registration fee could be made:

– Gorgany.com store (str. Hnatiuka 13) by 5 April 2015.

– using liqpay (on page “Registration”) by 5 April 2015.

-on Saturday, April 25, during the “Pasta – party”.

– at the start of the competition April 26, 2015.

– transfer on Privatbank card 4149 4377 2214 3037 Iryna Pidluzhna


1. The results of half-marathon will be divided on men and women race.

2. Cups or medals will receive:

– Prize-winners of three first places in the standings of women and men (absolute category);

– The oldest participant who completed the race;

– The winners in the following age categories:

M1 / W1 – 18 – 29 years (1997-1986),

M2 / W2 – 30 – 39 years (1985-1976),

M3 / W3 – 40 – 49 years (1975-1966),

M4 / W4 – 50 – 59 years (1965-1956),

M5 / W5 – 60 – 69 years (1955-1946),

M6 / W6 – 70 years and older (1945 and older).

Winners of the absolute category in their age categories are not awarded for the second time, and the award goes to the next in the ranking list.

4. Prizes from Half-marathon sponsors will receive winners of each age category in the women and men classification (list of the prizes can be found on the official site later).

5. Participants who register to participate in Half-marathon by 5 April 2015 and finish before deadline will receive medals immediately after the finish. Other participants who overcome distance in regulated time (three hours), will receive a medal by mail or in person at the Gorgany.com store, located at Lviv, str. Hnatiuka 13.

6. Each participant who has finished running before deadline will get a diploma.

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Organizers of the a�?Gorgany.Lviv Half-marathona�? are:

Public initiative “Gorgan.Com”

“Ultra” Sports club what does cialis for daily use cost 105.


Coordinator: Iryna Pidluzhna

Tel. 097 945 03 51


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